Camel Trekking in Merzouga Desert

If you had to pick one place in Morocco that captures its magic, it would be the camel trekking in the Sahara Desert. Picture the stunning sights. They are of palm-fringed oases, endless golden sands, and a sky full of dazzling stars. Escape from it all. There’s no better way than to ride a camel across the vast Sahara Desert.

The highlight of the Sahara desert is camel trekking. It’s often called the “ship of the desert” or the original off-road vehicle. These amazing creatures can go without water for ten times longer than any other animal. This allows them to journey through the desert for days without needing a drink. They can also carry all the needed supplies and equipment, including your water. This makes them the perfect companions for your desert adventure.

A camel trek in the Sahara Desert will show you the fascinating lives of the ancient camel caravans. These caravans would travel along old routes. They searched for calm oases, water springs, and valuable salt and spices. They would journey from near Marrakech to Timbuktu. They would return with treasures. These included gold, silver, cloth, and herbs. They even brought enslaved people. The journey was often dangerous, and only some people were born. Some older nomads can still share incredible stories. They tell of crossing the dunes to far-off lands and back.

To appreciate the desert’s peace and nomadic life, spend time in a tent. Do this in the middle of the dunes. It’s a moment to pause. You get to take in the peace of the desert and experience the Nomads’ way of life in this special region.

If the current camel trekking options don’t fit your needs, please suggest your ideas. We will be happy to provide an alternative that suits you.

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